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We are Carrie and Steve...artists, photographers and innovators.

We love cool products that are modern and fun, useful, outside the box, solve a problem, feel good to use, and are beautifully designed. We look for products that we would feel good giving a to friend or to a family member. We know the products in our store that will add fun, ease, beauty, and pleasure to your life, and be just plain useful!

Steve has a background as a top fashion photographer in New York City and Paris (Harpers Bazaar, GQ, French Vogue, Revlon). Carrie has been a massage therapist, a teacher, a business owner & manager, and always an artist. We love learning new things, finding great products for our amazing customers and exploring the art of living joyfully, attuned to spirit. We are deeply appreciative to be able to live in the rolling hills and beautiful horse farm country northwest of Philadelphia. 

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